September 13, 2017

Halloween Horrors

Halloween Horrors
Year: 1977
Catalog #: CD-3152/DX-2242
Length: 37 Minutes
Tracks: 56
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps CBR (Stereo)
File Size: 84MB
Lossless Information (IMAGE)
Bit Rate: 1411kbps
File Size: 161MB
Lossless Information (Tracks
Bit Rate: 1411kbps
Type: Tracks (FLAC)
File Size: 161MB

I picked this up at the library today, very cool album. From 1977, oldest album I've ever obtained before. I suppose a lot of people have it on vinyl. I have a 320kbps and FLAC version as well. When I looked at the CD it was badly scratched but listened to all of the tracks and it doesn't sound like it skips at all. Enjoy! UPDATE: I have finally found a physical copy of the disc and will upload a IMAGE+CUE lossless and scan a better looking cover.

1. The Story of Halloween - Horror
2. The Sounds of Halloween - (and other useful effects)
3. Screams
4. Falling Scream
5. Cackle/Witches Laughter
6. Howling
7. Ghost
8. Groans
9. Mob Scene
10. Creaking Door (Opening and Closing)
11. Shutters Banging
12. Creaking Iron Gate
13. Breaking Window
14. Chains
15. Bubbling
16. Earthquake
17. Pipe Organ
18. Violin
19. Churchbells
20. Chimes
21. Gong
22. Foghorn
23. Ship Creaking
24. Storm at Sea
25. Thunder and Lightening
26. Rain
27. Wind
28. Fire
29. Dripping Water
30. Bats
31. Cats
32. Owls
33. Crickets
34. Baying Dogs
35. Snarling Dogs
36. Snake Hiss
37. Panther Howl
38. Lion Roar
39. Monsters Breathing
40. Monsters Roar
41. Horse and Wagon
42. Train
43. Automobile
44. Auto Crash
45. Police Siren
46. Helicopter Taking off and Landing
47. Explosion
48. Gunshots
49. Machine Gun
50. Swords Clashing
51. Flying Saucer
52. Giant Space Ship
53. Laser Ray Gun
54. Galaxy Sounds
55. Space Station Computer
56. Interstellar Communication


orion24 said...

Dead Link, All I get is ( The file link that you requested is not valid.) Could you Please Upload it again. :)

Brandon said...

Try the second link. I had to reup it because that first link's server is not working. Strange I hope 4shared is not going to do this with all my links.

shadow said...

You mentioned you have a flac version too - is the flac from the CD, and do you have it available? Thanks if you do!

Dave said...

I notice that many of your 4shared links don't work. Some do though so go figure.


FulciLives said...

So awesome! I had this LP as a kid. I was born in 1972 and clearly remember seeing the first STAR WARS in 1977 so I don't know if I had the LP that early or years later but I did have it and I loved it. Not only did you post it but you posted a proper EAC made CD Rip. That is so freakin' awesome! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!!!

Brandon said...

Thanks FulciLives, when I wanted to get into the lossless part of the blog I tried to figure out how to encode the albums into lossless. Then two years ago I learned about Exact Audio Copy and ever since then I have been doing the IMAGE and Cue thing. Sadly some albums don't work for some odd reason I think it might be because some of them only contain one track. It's definitely useful when encoding an album with 80 tracks and it gets it down to 1 FLAC.