September 12, 2017

Haunted Mansion

Tom Hambleton - Haunted Mansion
Year: 2009
Catalog #:
Length: 50 Minutes
Tracks: 10
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 192kbps (CBR)
File Size: 71MB

Thanks to Rictor for sharing this album. Its a pretty good album, it has no ties to The Haunted Mansion the Disneyland ride or Disney movie but still worth the download.


1. Outside The Mansion
2. The Grand Foyer
3. Whispers In The Library
4. The Family Room
5. Chaos In The Kitchen
6. Laboratory of Madness
7. Chills In The Cellar
8. Toys In The Attic
9. Hallway of Doors
10. The Cemetary

MEGA Download (MP3)


Kwork said...

This blog is incredible. Thank you so much for all the downloads. However, this one no longer has working links, and hasn't for a while from who the available hosters are. Would you please re-up this one? It sounds interesting. Anything, Disney or not, with the words "haunted mansion" needs a listen. Thank you so much.


Link is dead !Please re upload !Thanks !

UniversalHorror said...

The cover indicates this originally came with a DVD of "Five spooky scenes", obviously some sort of Halloween wallpaper to play on your tv screen. Can you possibly upload that as a full DVD in an ISO file format or VIDEO_TS folder, or tell us where we can find it? That's something I'd love to have with the CD contents.

Brandon said...

Sorry UniversalHorror, this album was shared to me from a reader so I don't exactly have the physical disc to rip the DVD of.