September 12, 2017

Drew's Famous Haunted House Horrors

 Drew's Famous Haunted House Horrors
Year: 1999
Catalog #: TUTM-1107-2
Length: 61 Minutes
Tracks: 13
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps (CBR)
File Size: 141MB

I had uploaded this a while back but just recently decided to upload it in 320kbps since I only shared a 192kbps bit rate so here is a better one. Enjoy this.

Tracklist (13 Track Version)

1. The Beginning of The End
2. The Spell
3. Chainsaw Massacre
4. The Rising Dead
5. Fires of Hell
6. Is Somebody There?
7. I See You
8. Graveyard Slaughter
9. The Beast Lives
10. I'm Going To Get You
11. Bone Appetite
12. The Reaper Returns
13. Death Awaits

MEGA Download (MP3)

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