September 30, 2017

Halloween Party Scary Sound FX Scenes Vol # 1

Halloween Party Scary Sound FX Scenes Vol. 1
Year: 2008
Catalog #: DD (Digital Download)
Length: 42 Minutes
Tracks: 4
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 256kbps (VBR) (Stereo)
File Size: 70MB

Told you I would eventually get the first album of these great sounds onto my blog. I hope you enjoy this, so with Vol. 1 and 2 that makes up 8 tracks of Scary Sounds. Enjoy everyone.


1. Buried Alive
2. Ghost Town
3. Belly of The Beast
4. The Lair of Evil

MEGA Download Link


soundguy28 said...

Thanks for the great albums! Could you post the links for the last few?

For your kindness, here's a Halloween compilation I've edited and mixed myself, Ultimate Spook Album Unleashed:[/url]

Two CDs and 113 tracks! Little sound effects, just film music and dialogue in a diverse (and volume leveled) show for the trick-or-treaters.

Brandon said...

Thanks Sound guy I will gladly share this link as well. But might upload it to sharebee as sendspace tends to be a bit picky with how many people download it and how long.

soundguy28 said...

By all means. Thanks.

DAVID S said...

how do i get this file? can someone help me?

FulciLives said...

Thanks for sharing! :)