October 19, 2011

Scary Sounds

Scary Sounds
1 Track
25 minutes

This was given to me by a reader here on my Blog, he shared the link and I have forgotten to share it with you guys. I will put it's own post so that it gets the attention it needs. Updated the cover but now need to find the link to this soundtrack since I can't seem to find it.

1. Scary Sounds

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Ecto said...

I didn't like the cover for "Scrary Sounds" album... so I decided to make a new one. Maybe you'd be interested to have it. If so, where can I send it to you?

Brandon said...

You can upload it and share the link Ecto.

Ecto said...

Hi! I trying to share this through 4shared... hope I did it right. Tell me if the link doesn't work.


Ecto said...

For the CD cover I made to replace the actual one (wich is rather "basic")... Try this link if the one above doesn't work :


Brandon said...

Ecto you don't have the album do you? I can't seem to find it on my hard drive and it must be on a DVD some where in California so might need you if you could to upload it and I can put it on my mediafire as a mirror.

Ecto said...

Here you go Brandon :


Liked the new Album Cover ?

Brandon said...

I love it, replaced from the older version.