September 12, 2017

Fright Night

 Fright Night - Halloween Horror
Year: 2007
Catalog #: CRG-180023
Length: 57 Minutes
Tracks: 6
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps (CBR)
File Size: 133MB

Here are one of the many albums I bought at Spirit Halloween store near me. This one is pretty good and like all the new albums I am ripping I'm making it higher quality so it might exceed over 100MB and some of them exceed sharebee's file size so I will most likely share it on megaupload if that's ok with everyone. Enjoy. Also look forward to the other two albums and a few reupped albums.


1. Graveyard Your
2. Into The Haunted House
3. Into The Lab
4. Down In The Dungeon
5. Creatures of The Night
6. Alien Abduction

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soundguy28 said...

Hi there! Love the site.

Allow me to re-post something original I mixed and edited myself. It's a 2-disc album of horror movie music and soundbites (along with other fun stuff) in what I think is a pretty tight presentation. Something different for the trick-or-treaters out there. No album art unfortunately.

The Ultimate Spook Album @256k