September 30, 2017

Halloween Party Scary Sound Fx Scenes Vol # 2

Album Name: Halloween Party Scary Sound FX Scenes Vol. 2
Year: 2008
Catalog #: DD (Digital Download)
Length: 41 Minutes
Tracks: 4
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 256kbps (VBR) (Stereo)
File Size: 75MB

I downloaded this through Amazon and I figured you guys would like it, I was planning to buy Vol. 1 but didn't have the money at the time I will buy it soon and upload it here. Also for my new visitors if you have any friends who might be looking for Scary Sounds please share this link to everyone you know so we keep the older links alive and going for anybody who might not of downloaded the older stuff I uploaded through the years. Thanks.


1. The Cemetery
2. Haunted Forest
3. Ghosts in The Wind
4. A Stormy Night

MEGA Download Link


valis23 said...

Thank you for this neuw Upload ;)

valis23 said...

For your blog ;)
this is my work, CD-Rip

Anonymous said...

most of your files are saved here

FulciLives said...

Thanks for sharing! :)