October 24, 2018

Spectacular Sound Effects - Sounds of Horror

Spectacular Sound Effects (Madacy Entertainment) - Sounds of Horror
Year: 1994
Catalog #: SE-2-5509
Length: 30 Minutes
Tracks: 42
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps (CBR)(Stereo)
File Size 76MB
Lossless Information
Bit Rate: 1411kbps
File Size: 120MB

I was really thinking this CD would be great, but when I read Madacy Inc., I became worried. This looks like it was taken off a vinyl as you can hear slight pops in the audio. I will give you the lossless for those who enjoy having it in their collection and MP3 for those wanting lossy. Enjoy

1. Thunderstorm With Rain (Stereofect)
2. Continuous Thunder
3. Door Knocks (Heavy)
4. Creaking Door Close
5. Jail Door Open/Close
6. Squeaky Door
7. Rainstorm with Howling Ghosts (Stereofect)
8. Ghost
9. Ghosts In Space (Stereofect)
10. Earthquake
11. Wolves Howling
12. Horror (Serious Drama)
13. Suspense Music (Electronic Stereofect)
14. Wind and Thunder (Stereo.)
15. Midnight Gongs
16. Ghostly Sounds
17. Creaking Door Opens
18. Demonic Laughter
19. Creaking Door Closes
20. Footsteps
21. Knocking On Door
22. Unlock Door
23. Ghostly Music
24. Wolves Baying
25. Lion Growls
26. Solitary Gong
27. Chains
28. Creaking Door, Cat Howl, Demonic Laughter
29. More Chains
30. Grave Digger
31. More Demonic Laughter
32. Mad Ape
33. Wolves Snarling
34. Ghosts with Creaks
35. Midnight In The Graveyard
36. Eerie Music with Woman Sobbing
37. Woman Screaming
38. Two Women Screaming
39. More Sobbing
40. Scary Music with Mad Laughter
41. Solitary Gong
42. Ghostly Sounds

MEGA Download Link (MP3)

MEGA Download Link (Lossless)

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