October 17, 2018

Halloween Horrors - Scary Sounds of The Season

Halloween Horrors - Scary Sounds of The Season
Year: 2007
Catalog #: KRB7496-2
Length: 80 Minutes
Tracks: 8
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps (CBR)(Stereo)
File Size: 181MB
Lossless Information
Bit Rate: 1411kbps
File Size: 589MB (Included Video)

Audio CD along with a DVD called The Unexplained Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. Updated with lossless and inside the file contains the video of the DVD. Enjoy! ONLY THE LOSSLESS CONTAINS THE VIDEO.


1. Haunted Cemetery
2. The Asylum
3. Entering The Crypt
4. Haunted Woods
5. House In Haunted Woods
6. The Grounds
7. Dungeons
8. Escape From Haunted Woods

MEGA Download Link (MP3)

MEGA Download Link (Lossless)

This is the video that was included on the DVD.


UniversalHorror said...

There is NO video file or full DVD folder inside this! :(

UniversalHorror said...

I meant inside the file of the MP3 download. Might help to change your description to be more specific.

Brandon said...

It should be inside the lossless not the MP3. Sorry.