October 12, 2018

Halloween Sounds - Extreme Halloween Sound Effects

Halloween Sounds - Extreme Halloween Sound Effects
Year: 2013
Catalog #: DD (Digital Download)
Length: 61 Minutes
Tracks: 10
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps (CBR)(Stereo)
File Size: 141MB

Thank you again PawPatrolFan92, for sharing this album. I haven't had the chance to listen to it but I am sharing it here with you. Thank you.


1. What Are These Evil Spirits Haunting 
2. The Cauldron Bubbles in The Witch's Den
3. Daytime Horrors and Nighttime Bloodsuckers
4. Stay Clear of The Monster's Dungeon
5. When you Hear Breathing, It's Too Late to Escape
6. Halloween Nighttime in Area 51 at Last
7. This is The Scariest Night of The Year
8. Supernatural Evening Leads To A Killer Night
9. Tracking Down The Supernatural Killer
10. Come On In If You Dare This Halloween

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