October 4, 2017

Halloween House Party

Halloween House Party
Year: 1997
Catalog #: SFX001-1GM
Length: 41 Minutes
Tracks: 8
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps CBR (Stereo)
File Size: 100MB

Well this one does have music on it as you can tell from the tracklist, but I guess the last track does have sounds on it. Enjoy! I promise I will make up for it! I actually like the cover for this album, it looks kind of retro to me, even though it was released in 2001, which doesn't even list it any where on the album covers. But there is a song that lists 1997 so I think I am better off just using 1997 as the year this album was released. Enjoy!

1. Monster Mash
2. The Purple People Eater
3. The Witch Queen of New Orleans
4. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
5. Haunted House
6. Doin' The Zombie
7. I Put A Spell On You
8. The Humor And Sounds of Halloween

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