October 6, 2017

20 Hours of Halloween Horror

20 Hours of Halloween Horror
Year: 2014
Catalog #: DD (Digital Download)
Length: 24 Hours 52 Minutes
Tracks: 20
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 256kbps VBR (Stereo)
File Size: 2.70GB

You've read the title right, 20+ hours of Halloween Sounds. I seen this album on Spotify and went searching for it on Amazon and figured 9 dollars for 24 hours of sounds. Can't go wrong with that price! This pretty much makes up for all the content for this year. As for physical content, not much I can do with that if all that I can find is annoying stupid music albums. Sometimes you just gotta go out and do digital downloads! Enjoy!

1. A Night of Halloween's Scariest Sounds
2. Haunted Castle Sounds
3. Chamber of Halloween Horrors
4. Creepy Halloween Sounds
5. Gasps and Screams for a Fun Halloween Party
6. Halloween Night of Terror
7. Halloween Party Sound Effects
8. Sounds Effects For Halloween Night
9. Trick or Treat at the Haunted Castle
10. Night of Horror
11. There Be Monsters Out There
12. Sounds for Trick or Treating
13. Spooky Sounds For Halloween
14. Eerie Science Fiction Halloween Sounds
15. Ominous Thunderstorm and Suspenseful Organ Chords
16. Deep In The Torture Chamber
17. Vampires and Their Victims
18. Full Moon Werewolves on Halloween Night
19. Cauldrons, Broomsticks and Witches Cackling
20. Zombie Walkers for Halloween

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siys said...
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siys said...

I already had this set, but I think it's very cool you posted it. Now, when I first came across this I was like, WOW, 20 Hours of Halloween Sound Effects, How freakin' awesome. However, I couldn't have been more disappointed in it. On the whole, I've found the 'Digital Download' genre of Halloween Sound Effects could not be more bland and unimaginative. Is it because the media is not pressed to any physical format, the creators churn out, as effortlessly as possibly, these simple un-layered recordings? I hardly consider these soundscapes, because there is no production, no craft, no real love for the genre, and they all sound the same; and I don't just mean this 20 hour set; I mean most all digital download Halloween recordings sound, generally, the same. Now, I am not trying to be "sour grapes" here, but as one who loves Halloween Sound Effects Soundscapes, I really wish these modern day recordings were more like the recordings of old. Yes, many of those are cheesy, not the best quality and recycle sounds, but overall they were done with more craft and care than what is being made today. Am I wrong? I would welcome other's feedback; and I would especially like to learn of any worthy modern day digital Halloween soundscapes that are worthy of being described as AWESOME! By the way, my ideal Halloween soundscape is long continuous sound effects with no narration and no music, or as little as possible. Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween

siys said...

I discovered in my set tracks 10 and 12 were the exact same file, so I downloaded yours and same thing. I compared the file size of all 20 and those appear to be the only duplicates in the set.

brickerbrocker said...

Thank you for all your work

Plague said...

Liking this one. Sure it gets a bit repetitive at times, but at least it isn't the same old sounds rehashed.