October 21, 2010

Drew's Famous 99 Super Scary Sound Effects

 Drew's Famous 99 Super Scary Sound Effects
Year: 2010
Catalog #: TUMT-5119-2
Length: 72 Minutes
Tracks: 99
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps CBR (Stereo)
File Size: 168MB
Lossless Information
Bit Rate: 1411kbps
File Size: 315MB

Here is another for you guys. Not going to type all 99 tracks but here is CD information below.

CD Information
The sound of dripping blood, a creaky door, the plodding footsteps of a chained prisoner facing the guillotine...with 99 super scary sound effects, there's a lot of haunting howls, spooky shrieks and evil cackles that can go bump in the night. Set the scene for a frightful Halloween with this 99 Super Scary Sound Effects CD.

  • Scary Sound Effects Halloween effects CD comes in a plastic case
  • Includes 99 spooky sound effects
  • Tracks include the below and many, many more!
    • The Black Crow Knows
    • The Bell Tolls
    • Electrocution
    • Heartbeat
    • The Wolf
    • Witches of the Sea
    • Swamp Thing
    • Night Wind
    • The Gate
    • Ghosts and Spirits
    • The Saw

    • The Cellar
    • Monster from Mars

MEGA Download (MP3)

MEGA Download (Lossless)

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