September 16, 2011

A Night In A Haunted House / A Night In A Graveyard

 A Night In A Haunted House / A Night In A Graveyard
Catalog #: DOUBLED-HSD 666 or DIDX-013363
Length: 48 Minutes
Tracks: 18
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps (CBR)(Stereo)
File Size: 118MB
Lossless Information (Tracks)
Bit Rate: 1411kbps (Uncompressed)(Stereo)
Format: FLAC
File Size: 496MB
Type: Tracks
Lossless Information (Image+Cue)
Bit Rate: 988kbps (Stereo)
Format: FLAC
File Size: 196MB

Here you go a 320 bit rate MP3 and a FLAC version for you high quality lovers out there. You have a choice from tracks or image & cue. I will be deleting the VBR version of this album but leaving the 2 track version which is already in 320kbps bit rate. Since I keep hearing this is a popular album and I thought I would share it in high quality format. ENJOY.

1. Entering The Haunted House
2. The Mad Organist
3. Chamber Of Horrors
4. Bats In The Belfry
5. Laboratory
6. The Haunted Ballroom
7. Snakepit
8. The Dungeons
9. The Hounds of Hell
10. The Room Of Eternal Silence
11. Long Fuse And Dynamite

12. Entering The Graveyard
13. Be Careful Where You Tread
14. The Gathering Storm
15. Vampire Mausolem
16. Witches' Coven
17. Procession Of The Undead
18. Dangerous Bridge

MEGA Download (MP3)

MEGA Download (Lossless)(Uncompressed)(Tracks)

MEGA Download (Lossless)(IMAGE+CUE)

Mediafire Download (MP3)


Anonymous said...

can you upload again? the links seems broken.

treyola said...

thank you so much for this!! I have been searching for the graveyard track "be careful where you tread" for years, and I have finally found it! many thanks!
take care!

Ryan Geiger said...

Yesss finally. So many childhood memories. Still freaky as hell haha

samuel marquez said...

you are Awesome!!! memories from my younger days. will be using this for Halloween 17'

Christine Brandon said...

Just found this after Toccata and fugue reminded me I used to listen to a halloween tape every year lol..... You are awesome!