October 30, 2020

Happy 10th Anniversary!

It was ten years ago this month that I created this blog, sharing some of the albums that I owned with my readers. I can't believe it's been ten years, I've had some close calls with losing stuff. I began uploading albums in October of 2008 through Sharebee, a multi file distributing website that posted my uploads to places like Megaupload and rapidshare to name a few.

Due to inactivity the files would be deleted after a couple of weeks. I was disappointed whenever I read comments from readers telling me that the file no longer was available. That's when I started using Mediafire as my main site for sharing files. It didn't take long for them to start blocking my zip files and preventing readers from downloading the album. It was caused by some kind of MP3 scanning feature that could identify certain sounds or music that was considered copyrighted material. I created an account at 4shared soon after, I quickly found out that if I forgot to sign into my account after a while they would delete all my files. I suppose those emails got directed to the junk mail because I can't remember ever getting those in my inbox.

My last resort was Megaupload but I believe it was during the time when they got into trouble and had to close down their website. I was very close to shutting down the blog as well, I couldn't find any good website that would hold my files, there was Dropbox but at the time I already had 13GB of files and they only could hold up to 8GB with a bunch of running around. I noticed that Megaupload came back under a new name, MEGA. I quickly scrambled to upload every single file and fixing broken links.

A lot has changed through the years of maintaining this blog, if you were here since the beginning you would notice that I changed the banner, added backgrounds, enlarged the layout. Still the same layout since 2008, I'm sorry but I really think this layout is organized!

I wasn't real big on quality at the time, my MP3 files started out in 192kbps bit rate. I received a comment from someone saying why I didn't share my files in 320kbps. After that idea, I did a complete overhaul of re-encoding my physical albums into a higher bit rate, readers who shared albums through the years I couldn't ask or nag them to encode in 320 so people had to be happy with what they received when it came to reader shares.

Another comment asked me why I didn't share lossless quality albums on here yet. Another great idea, I still had a large amount of storage on my MEGA account that I decided to create an additional download for lossless quality albums. I started out doing lossless tracks at first, but soon learned how to do IMAGE + CUE using the program Exact Audio Copy. I figured this was probably the best case scenario, people who are serious about lossless know that CD images are the perfect way to archive your collection. I've been doing it with music CDs as well. I have about 1.2TB of music that I've archived through the years. I figured that I would do the same for my Scary Sounds collection too.

I also got into scanning album covers too, I thought of scanning everything including the CD and back covers but figured that would take MONTHS just to accomplished followed by having to reupload every single file again....Nah...I'm good with what I have now.

I think I am all caught up now with the history of this blog. I am so thankful for all my readers who come here to download stuff that I share and other people share as well. Here is to hoping this place stays alive for another 10 years! By that time I will probably have two MEGA accounts to hold content, yikes! Thank you so much everybody! Happy Halloween!


Raven176 said...

Congrats! A hell of a run, and lots of determination.
Thanks for doing it.

siys said...

Cojgratulations of 10 Great Years!!! This is one of the all-time best Halloween Blogs! Cheers from Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween

Manda Malice said...

I can not put into words just how much I love this blog and how much my middle son has enjoyed listening to the your uploads over the years. Thank you so very much for all the hard work!!!

DarkuS.MotH. said...

Man... I remember finding your blog back in 2009 or so. I was big into horror and downloaded everything I could from here, then burned a cd with it.
Then lost the cd, then I bought a new computer and lost the blog's url too.
I'm so glad to have find it again 10 years later.
This is amazing, THANK YOU, SO MUCH!
(Also, the nostalgia of remembering that time in my life is too real, lol)

P.S. why does the post says 'October 30, 2020'? Spooky!

Brandon said...

It's put at 2020 to keep at the top of the page.