September 12, 2020

Clones, Repeats and Waste of Money

This post is going to be used to show everyone that a lot of times you see a nice looking fancy cover of a Halloween Scary Sounds album, the chances of it being brand new sounds are rare. These are a list of albums that I have in my collection that seem to be a repeat of scary sounds but with new covers.

Sounds of Halloween

Title: Sounds of Halloween
Madacy Entertainment
Alternate Title: Halloween Sounds of Horror, Goosebumps Sounds of Halloween, Halloween Sounds, Sounds of Horror
Average Length: 40 Minutes

Covers of Albums

Spooky Sounds

Title: Spooky Sounds
Madacy Entertainment
Alternate Title: Sounds of Horror, Halloween Sounds of Horror, Sounds of Horror In The Haunted House, One Hour of... Sounds of Horror
Average Length: 60 Minutes

Covers of Albums

Scary Sounds of Halloween
Title: Scary Sounds of Halloween
Alternate Title: Halloween Horror: Scary Sounds From The Hex Files, Scary Sounds of Halloween (Alternate Cover)
Average Length: 30 Minutes & 73 Minutes
Covers of Albums


Plague said...

Yeah, I hate the constant repackaging

siys said...

OK, I definitely get your point, but as an avid Halloween audio collector and completist, I love getting every version. I even buy multiple copies keeping them sealed just for the sake of collecting them. Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween