September 16, 2016

Halloween Sounds

Halloween Sounds
Halloween Sounds
1 Hour & 10 Minutes
Bit Rate: 320kbps

To my followers who have been apart of this blog since the beginning you'll understand how frustrating it is to find a cool looking CD thinking it's fresh and new sounds from a talented company. But then when you unpack the plastic wrap and pop it into your CD Player or laptop you come to find out this is something you already have. If you've ever felt like you were cheated out of money that is what I felt when I purchased this album thinking it was something good. To my followers from years ago, this album is basically Goosebumps Sounds of Halloween & that one album where the sounds were reversed to make it sound creepy. To my new comers don't be afraid of downloading this. I reposted it because of the cool cover! Enjoy! Down below is an alternate cover that I uploaded. If you want to use that one as well. 

1. Halloween Sounds

MEGA Download (MP3)

Alternate Cover

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