September 22, 2016

Scary Sounds - Sound Effects and Music

The Paper Magic Group - Scary Sounds
Catalog #: 85279-02
Tracks: 86
Length: 74 Minutes
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps (CBR Stereo)
File Size: 169MB
Lossless Information
Bit Rate: 1411kbps
File Size: 317MB

I found this CD at a Goodwill Store in perfect condition! There are about 86 tracks to it and I am not going to type all 86 tracks on here so you will just have to download and find out what there is. Enjoy! Updated with 1500x1500 album art and lossless download.

1 comment:

Natasha Maximovich said...

Just passing by. I wanted to thank you for providing a way to download these songs. Much appreciated. My brother is going to love this!