October 5, 2014

Halloween Sound Effects Masters - Halloween Sounds

Halloween Sound Effect Masters - Halloween Sounds
Halloween Sounds
2 Hours & 18 Minutes
Bit Rate: 254kbps VBR (V0)
5 Tracks

For some strange reason I had forgot to upload this album last year, it's a good thing too since I don't have much to share this year. Thank you to people who are sharing their albums this year. Very much appreciated! Enjoy!


1. Halloween Graveyard Background at Twilight - Requiem Music for a Vampire
2. Halloween Sounds, Ghosts, Poltergeist and Spirits. Halloween Background Sounds and Music
3. Halloween Music, Scary Music and Scary Sounds
4. Halloween Cave Background, Horror Sound Effects
5. Halloween Thunderstorm and Halloween Scary Music an Sounds


Plague said...

Good to have you back

Kwork said...

Oo, over 2 hours? Love it! Thank you for missing this one last year so it could be here now.