October 5, 2011

Midnight Syndicate - The 13th Hour

 Midnight Syndicate - The 13th Hour
25 Tracks
56 Minutes

Was looking every where to a Halloween Store. I first went to Spirit Halloween they didn't have ANY scary sounds, went to a RIP Halloween they didn't have any, then went to a Halloween Super Store and ended up finding this for $9.99. They had other Midnight Syndicate but I would be paying a fortune to buy them all but I decided to buy this one cause it seemed to be the only interesting one. Thank god I bought it cause someone on the Halloween forum was needing this, so I guess everybody wins a chance to grab this album. Enjoy.

1. Mansion in The Mist
2. Forgotten Path
3. Time Outside of Time
4. Fallen Grandeur
5. Hands of Fate
6. The Drawing Room
7. Mausoleum d' Haverghast
8. Family Secrets
9. Last Breaths
10. Vertigo
11. The Watcher
12. Cellar
13. Cold Embrace
14. Hand in Hand Again
15. Harvest of Deceit
16. Footsteps in The Dust
17. Veiled Hunter
18. Sinister Pact
19. Grisly Reminder
20. Deadly Intentions
21. The Lost Room
22. Living Walls
23. Gruesome Discovery
24. Return of The Ancient Ones
25. The 13th Hour

MEGA Download Link (MP3)


Ecto said...

Hi Brandon,

Thanks a 1000 times for your awesome blog.

It is nothing less than a gold mine for a Halloween Freak like me. Glad to see I'm not the only one inhabited by such "passion".

A special thank for this particular album.

Keep up the good work!

Ecto said...

Btw, do you remember those other Midnight Syndicate albums you saw at the store where you got this one?

Because if you saw any one of those : "Gates of Delirium", "Realm Of Shadows", "Out Of The Darkness" or even "Halloween Music Collection", then let me tell ya they're totally worth it!

Brandon said...

Yeah I only bought one of them because if I had bought the rest I would of been spending well over 40 dollars, I would of bought them if they were like close to 5 bucks but 10 dollars holy cow!

Kay Maerin Haribald said...

Link is down now u u