October 23, 2011

A Gothic Halloween Cult

A Gothic Halloween Cult
MP3 Information
195kbps (VBR Joint Stereo)
1 Hour
2 Tracks

Don't let the title of this album scare you, just cause it has Gothic in the title doesn't mean it's some sort of Rock album. I like the ambiance, it will create a very creepy atmosphere for your haunted house, Halloween party might not if you plan to use music. I would use this if you are creating a haunted house outside, it would be awesome to use if you make a graveyard or even some place outside. The 2nd track which states it's a graveyard the first track sounds better for a graveyard though if you only want to use this album having both tracks going at the same time is perfect. Enjoy.

1. Bloody Evil Devil Ghosts and Demons in Search Of...
2. Haunted Graveyard Spirit Ghosts: Haunting Hallucinations

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