October 31, 2012

Dr. Bloods Screamscapes!

Dr. Bloods Screamscapes!
Length: 57 Minutews
Tracks: 14
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps CBR (Stereo)
File Size: 139MB

Thank you again Yanman for providing scary sounds even while Halloween is still taking place, get your last minute downloads for your Halloween parties or Haunted Houses! Thanks again.


1. The Introduction
2. The Catacombs
3. The Laboratory
4. The Madhouse
5. The Future Shock
6. The Thunderstorm
7. The Graveyard
8. The Voo Doo Island
9. The Haunted House
10. The Outer Spaces
11. The Evil Clowns
12. The Werewolf Realm
13. The Chainsaw Attack
14. The Inferno

1 comment:

Ecto said...

I found the same one on october 29th, but there was no cover to be found anywhere. So I spent a fair amount of time making a picture montage to serve as cover. Moreover, there was no date and not even the exact album title. So after listening to the intro, I decided to call it "Dr. Blood's Scenes of Terror". Glad Yanman shared it with us. Thanks!

Btw, I'm already quite fond of this album.

Thank you for posting !