July 25, 2018

Scary Sound Effects - Nightmarish Noise For Halloween!

 Scary Sound Effects - Nightmarish Noise For Halloween!
Year: 1994
Catalog #: R2-71776
Length: 43 Minutes
Tracks: 41
MP3 Information
Bit Rate: 320kbps (CBR) (Stereo)
File Size: 92MB
Lossless Information
Bit Rate: 1411kbps
Type: Tracks & IMAGE+CUE (FLAC)
File Size: 174MB

July 25th, 2018. Updated with an IMAGE + CUE upload and scanned a 1500x1500 cover as I've finally obtained a physical copy of the disc! Enjoy!

1. Welcome
2. Dear Guests
3. Trick Or Treat
4. Go Home
5. Get Away From Here
6. Oh What Wonderful Costumes
7. You're Here For Some Treats
8. You Want Candy
9. Hello Children
10. Welcome To Our House
11. Do Come In
12. How Nice To Drop By
13. We're Digging Up Your Treats
14. Don't Ring That Door Bell
15. Knocking On My Door?
16. Evil Laugh #1
17. Evil Laugh #2
18. Evil Laugh #3
19. Wolfman Growls #1
20. Wolfman Growls #2
21. Witches Brew
22. Witch Casts A Spell
23. Voodoo Chant
24. Witch Doctor, The
25. Haunted House, A
26. Very Scary Mansion
27. Howling Wind
28. Little Girl Walking
29. Gravediggers, The
30. Graverobbing Gone Wrong
31. Vampire Bats Are Waiting, The
32. Monsters In The Bat Cave
33. More Monsters In A Large Bat Cave
34. Flying Saucer Taking Off
35. Flying Saucer Landing
36. Saucer Wars In Outer Space
37. Saucer Wars In Hyperspace
38. Pipe Organ And Ghost
39. Pipe Organ And Bassoon
40. Theremin Orchestra, The
41. Phantom Theremin Orchestra, The

MEGA Download Link (MP3)

MEGA Download Link (Lossless Tracks)

MEGA Download Link (Lossless IMAGE+CUE)


Memphis mane said...

link dead! re-upload please, thank u

Brandon said...

Link fixed, sorry about that I need to start working on fixing broken links since they closed down my 4shared account.