September 21, 2009

Halloween Sounds To Haunt Your House

Sounds To Haunt Your House
Halloween Sounds
Bit Rate: 256kbps
Total Tracks: 1
Running Time: 73 Minutes

So I figured that I would download some things from Amazon, I didn't know they updated their list of Sounds. I was only able to purchase about three albums but they sound pretty good. Also its REAL difficult to listen to 30 second clips and see if I already downloaded it or if its the same version or different cover as I saw many duplicates in the past of albums. Hopefully you enjoy this one, I will put more in the next couple of weeks when I have money. :)


1. Halloween Sounds to Haunt Your House

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luapluap said...

Thanks for the first Halloween CD of 2009....

luapluap said...

The CD cover says 40 minutes but
your description says 73 minutes.
Do you know the real
title of this CD???

Thanks again...

Brandon said...

luapluap that is the actual CD I downloaded it from Amazon and it is 73 minutes. I have no idea why they would use that cover for the MP3 download if it wasn't the right one.